Arkin Pruva Yachts was born out of a desire to create the finest yachts of a generation

Without compromise

The company fuse the craft and art of the master boat builder with pioneering technologies and disruptive thinking. When each and every one of our yachts gracefully takes to the ocean, it is the embodiment of ‘Pure Craft’, having been designed, engineered and built with an unwavering sense of pride, passion, precision and performance.


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Every one of our master craftsmen

who works here wants to build a

better boat than the previous one

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Modern heritage

Since Arkin Pruva first opened its doors, it has built different type of motor and sailing yachts with many others now in varying stages of design and build. It’s our craftsmens’ obsessive desire to always produce the very best that drives us on and helps us to realise the hopes and ambitions of our clients.


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Built with pride

We create beautifully balanced, high performance craft that can be cherished from generation to generation. You’ll see pure craft in the flowing lines of the design and the realisation of the designer’s art.
The obsessive attention to detail in the fit and finish. And in the precision engineering. When our yachts slip into the water, we are filled with the same sense of pride a parent feels for his child as they make their way in the world.


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We are unwavering in our desire to create and build vessels that transcend fashions and time