Refıts and Rebuılds

At times, the best approach to obtain the desired vessel is to acquire an existing one and proceed with a refit. Additionally, over time, some boats may require maintenance to ensure they remain in commission.

Arkin Pruva Shipyard possesses the facilities and capabilities to handle refits and repairs, ranging from minor adjustments to comprehensive overhauls. Whether you aim to restore a boat to its original condition or completely rebuild its systems, engines, and interior from the bare hull, virtually anything is possible. In fact, it’s not uncommon to introduce entirely new decks or extend the overall length.

Whatever your needs may be, at Arkin Pruva, we take pride in offering a truly bespoke service while maintaining an unwavering commitment to pure craftsmanship.


Refit works of Archsea included the removal of the old underwater hull fiberglass sheathing and the application of new layers, construction and installation of a new bulb, local paint repairs, deck outfitting, rebuilding the propulsion system, installing new exhaust systems and updating the engine room piping systems.


Refit works of Tonia included complete fairing and painting of the hull and superstructure, the installation of new teak decks, upholstery, and ceilings, a comprehensive renewal of electric and piping systems, the installation of a new generator and engine room fire extinguishing system, new windows, deck outfitting, updated navigation instruments and wheelhouse panels, new deck furniture on the main deck and flybridge, a new pantograph door on the superstructure, new hatches, and new stainless steel stanchions and railings.


Refit works of Ceylin included changing layout of some cabins, replacing interior floors, building new furniture, hull and deck repairs and local paint, relocating of deck crane and building new deck furniture.